Journal articles:

Wincott, A. (Submitted) ‘Un bon voyage sonore: Avoiding listener discomfort in immersive audio documentary’. Journal of Radio and Audio Media.

Wincott, A. (in peer review) Tackling the immersive audio skills gap with journalists and factual audio makers: evaluating a pilot workshop methodology. Radio Journal.

Wincott, A., Martin, J. and Richards, I. (2021) Telling stories in soundspace: placement, embodiment and authority in immersive audio journalism. Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast & Audio Media 19(2)

Book Chapter:

Wincott, A. (2023) ‘Why don’t more journalists and documentary makers use spatial audio? When everyday isn’t spatial.’ In M. Lovett, T. Land and P. Reeder (Eds) Every Day is Spatial: Creative Immersive Audio Practice. Routledge

Project report:

Spatial awareness: State of the art and future needs of spatial audio journalism is our project report, summarising our findings and analysis from the Spatial Audio Journalism project