The project team

Abigail Wincott

Dr Abigail Wincott is Associate Professor of Audio Journalism at Falmouth University and the project lead. She has many years’ experience as a radio producer and journalist with the BBC, producing news and current affairs, education, science, arts, documentaries and features. She is and is interested in taking new spatial media technologies that have been experimented with by artists, musicians and sound engineers and understanding more about how we can use them in mass media, radiophonic storytelling formats like documentaries and news features.

Ivor Richards

Taking part in phase 1 of the project, Ivor Richards was the technician for Falmouth University’s Journalism programme and now works at the University of Gloucestershire. He has a BA in Radio and an MA in Sound Design where he worked on augmented reality audio experiences for heritage sites. He has many years’ experience in radio, theatre, producing live music events and outside broadcasts. He also provides outside broadcast and location audio services via British Broadcasting Audio. Ivor is developing new apps for mobile phones to enable interactive spatial audio listening and specialises in helping journalists and producers access and use new technology.

Jean Martin

Also working on phase 1, Jean Martin was Senior Lecturer in Digital Music and Sound Arts in the School of Media at the University of Brighton from 2004-20. He composes music for film as well as performance and creates sound for audio-visual installations and experiential spaces. He writes about music and was a German Public Radio music journalist. He curated the first major UK retrospective about sound artist Peter Vogel and is the co-author of Filmgeräusch, a book about film sound.  Jean has extensive knowledge of the creative possibilities of new sound technologies and techniques, beyond traditional broadcast formats.